Kodi on Roku from iPhone

Kodi is an extremely powerful streaming option for those who enjoy watching movies, TV shows, games music etc. roku kodi has the ability to perform well with almost all the type of contents. You can enjoy videos of your choice from different websites nowadays.

Kodi does not provide its official support on the Roku. Since it is an C and C++ application by default. There is no option of getting an official version of Kodi on Roku. Roku can work as a set top box and stream videos that you can enjoy on the TV screen. You can install the Kodi on Roku with the help of mirror screening.

You can also mirror your iPhone to a Windows computer, once done you can enjoy watching all your movies, TV shows on the big TV screen. The ability to enjoy movies on the big screen through iPhone is gaining huge popularity in recent times. Everyone loves the idea of watching movies in big screen but mirroring the iPhone is a bit tricky task.

Apple has imposed several restrictions on its user so it is very difficult to mirror the iPhone. Roku has a list of useful products that can be used at the right time at various occasions. User around the globe has considered Roku to be useful for mirroring their iPhone to TV screen or windows laptop. Roku is the safest option to mirror with your iPhone, if you have any problems it can be fixed quickly.

Method to mirror an iPhone to Roku with Roku app

Step 1: It is important to check the current status of Roku app. It must be up to date with the recent version. In order to do that navigate to the settings tab and then move to the system tab. Choose the option system update and check the recent version. If it is available to install it. Once the installation is done restart it.

Step 2: Once all the required updates are completed then choose the setting option and then move again to the system tab. Now, tap on the enable screen mirroring option.

Step 3: The next step is to get connected to the Roku using the same wifi network connection, your smartphone must also be connected to it.

Step 4; That’s all, these were the simple and quick steps to enable the Roku mirroring function.

Method to Mirror iPhone to Roku with Video

Once you have done with the previous step of mirroring functions of Roku then you can do the actual action here. The best advantage of Roku is, it is compatible with several Apple devices. Refer this Article on apkhumble.com ; You can get it on your iPhone or iPad. It supports all the versions

Step 1: Make sure that you have installed the Roku app on your desired iPhone.

Step 2: Once the installation is doneĀ  launch the app on iPhone

Step 3 Create a Roku account and sign in. Use the same to get connected to your TV.

Step 4: Then tap on the Play on Roku option.

Step 5: Choose the content that you are interested in displaying on the big screen.

Step 6: you will be able to see the content is mirrored on the TV. You can enjoy the experience on the big screen.