How Did Dan Bilzerian Earn His Money?

How Did Dan Bilzerian Earn His Money?

The myth, the man, the legend. Dan Bilzerian can be considered to be the most enviable man in the world. He is one of those celebrities whose fame is difficult to understand, yet his wealth in unquestionable if his Instagram posts are anything to go by! With nearly 12 million followers, Dan’s account is filled to burst with evidence of his antics that are all fuelled by his wealth. From embarking onto private jets, partying with models and taking holiday after holiday, his lifestyle is certainly one that is lusted over by many men around the world. But what is the truth behind the man on the other end of your iPhone screen? Who is Dan Bilzerian and how is her able to so easily afford his insanely lavish and outlandish lifestyle?

Many people have asked Bilzerian exactly how he was able to make so much money and his answer is always simply through playing poker. In a 2013 interview, Bilzerian said he started playing poker seriously when he was in college, after ending up being broke in his sophomore year. He reportedly sold some of his gun and gambled his way upwards, turning $750 into $187,000 in a matter of months! However many people have argued that while Dan is rich now, he was only able to make his money due to the fact that he had money to begin with. Bilzerian’s family was always wealthy and did not always come about by legal means.

In fact, public records reveal that Dan Bilzerian has been party to a byzantine network of companies and corporations that are designed to protect the assets of his white-collar criminal father Paul from the governments. Dan has also been reported to have been a beneficiary of the trusts established by his father in the 90’s, when he owed tens of millions of dollars to the feds. In the last few years Dan Bilzerian did acknowledge that he inherited ‘some’ money from a trust from his father, but also declined to say how much or what role the money had in kick-starting his career. Then in that same interview he claimed to have made $50 million from poker in a little over a year.

Many people have had doubts as to the amount of money he has won through playing poker. In a follow up interview he commented on his claim of winning $50 million and stated that his skill level isn’t as high as that of most professionals and that he was only able to win as much money as he did because the players he fleeced play at a tee-ball level. Furthermore there has been speculation about his winnings after information was released stating that people don’t get invited into private, high stakes games unless they have lots of money to begin with!

It seems that while many people are curious and envious of Dan Bilzerian’s success, few tend to question the legitimacy of his fortunes and how he acquired them. It is important to remember that while Bilzerian’s life is busy and extravagant, there is a darker side to his lifestyle. He suffered from two heart attacks by the age of 35 due to the strain that all of his partying antics. If you are looking to begin making your fortune through casino games, why not begin by reading a guide to play online slots of the strategies associated with Poker?


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