Health Hazards Caused By Overuse of Mobile Phone:

We all know that the use of smartphones has increased a lot in the past few years. Even each one of us is personally using it for hours every day. The most important thing is that we are doing it even after knowing that it will cause serious health hazards to us. Some people are even using the Best Power Banks  to make sure that they will never miss any social media update because of the absence of power in their smartphones. But to enjoy a healthy life try to avoid the overuse of Mobile Phones. Otherwise, you will be suffering from side effects which are as mentioned below.

Stress is a very important side effect resulted because of excessive use of smartphones. It forces users to be available for others even on a 24-hour basis. The expectation of others to get you online for the whole day increases your workload and hence can result in extreme stress in most of the cases. Mobile phones are also seen to be affecting the sleep of a large number of people.Keeping the mobile phones on side of their beds prevents the majority of the people from sleeping. This is seen among people of all age groups. The smartphone users always believe that those phones are waiting for something special for them all the time. This thought itself is the result of decreased sleep.

Smartphones are also observed to be affecting the eyesight of the users. The blue light released from the screen of the mobile phones is very dangerous to your eyes. Using the mobile for long hours can thus cause damage to your eyes. The radiation from the smartphones is also found to be affecting the user’s health to a great extent. This radiation is extreme when the battery level of the phone is too much low. So, try to avoid using the phone in such a situation.